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January Favourites

Hey guys, 

So, I know that I have been blogging for less than a month, but I thought that I would write a post about my favourites things of the month. This is because it gives a little more insight into my interests, but I've also done it because I just fancied writing one. One or two are a tad random, but I think we have gathered by now that I'm not very normal (who wants to be normal though? Plus, what is normal, is anyone normal? Probably not). So, without further ado, here are my January favourites:

Make Up

Nars Sheer Glow in 'Deauville' - £31, Selfridges

1. Nars Sheer Glow - I was recommended Nars Sheer Glow by one of my best friends at uni. I've heard of it before, but never really thought of buying it, basically because I'm lazy with make up, and don't really try new thing. However, I thought, seeing as though I'm 19, I should try something new, so asked for this for Christmas. Even though I was a little apprehensive, due to having dry skin and having to be really particular with my foundation, this works wonders as a foundation. The colour matches perfectly, and you only need a little to get a good coverage. Would highly recommend.

Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation Powder in Shade '04' - £32, Selfridges

 2. Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation Powder - Another product recommended to me by the same friend. As well as being a mouthful to say, this powder is amazing for coverage. It can be used alone as a powder foundation, but personally, I usually prefer a fuller coverage, so I use it over a BB cream or light foundation. I got this for my 19th birthday, and haven't stopped using it since. Again, I would highly recommend.                                    


Tigi S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer  (£21.55), Serious Conditioner (£17.95) and Flat Iron Shine Spray (£13.55) - All from 

3. I'd heard good things about the Tigi S Factor range from a couple of bloggers and youtubers, so thought that I would give it a try. My hair is quite dry and frizzy, so thought that a smoothing shampoo and conditioner would be perfect. Although these products are on the pricey side, they are good. Plus, they leave your hair smelling so fruity, and you literally are just smelling your hair all day.


4. Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection 2 for Women, 50 ml - This was actually recommended to me by my sister, as she wears it all the time. I always liked the scent of this, but I never got round to purchasing it, as I normally stuck to the same one. It's very fruity and fresh, and it's my favourite of the 'Big Pony Collection' for women. If you buy it separately, the 50 ml bottle is around £29.99 (Boots), but if you get it in a set, (like I did), you can get the perfume (50ml), the body lotion and a mini perfume for £21.50 (Boots), which is really worth getting.


The Little Book of Calm Colouring by David Sinden and Victoria Kay - £5.99,

5. I know this is not technically a novel, but unfortunately, due to being at university, I haven't really had much time to read books, which saddens me, as I love to read. However, when I get stressed due to work and lack of sleep, this is what I got to to help me relax. Plus, who doesn't love a good colouring book? Each page has a different picture to colour in, such as floral patterns or swirls. As well as having a colouring page, on the adjacent page is a motivational quote, which gives advice on how to relieve stress and be happier. If you're feeling stressed or just love a good doodle, then I'd recommend this book. Plus, due to its small size, it can fit in your bag, so you can doodle on the train, in the office, in a lecture...

£8 - Paperchase

6. This was a recent purchase, as I desperately wanted a journal/diary for creative writing or to just jot down thoughts and ideas. Therefore, I took a trip to Paperchase, as they always do the prettiest journals and I always love looking through their stationary. However, I was spoilt for choice, and ended up picking two, as I thought I could use the other as a diary. However, the beautiful colouring of this one meant I had to get it, as the gold compliments the red so well, and also cause I really like birds. But yeah, if you're looking for a journal or just need something to write in for classes/lectures, then I recommend Paperchase's choice of books.


Joe & Seph's Mint Chocolate Popcorn - £3.99, Find Me a Gift

7. Joe & Seph's Mint Chocolate Popcorn - Another great purchase from the parents for Christmas; think Nestle's After Eights, but popcorn. To be fair, it is expensive for popcorn, but they taste so good - I literally ate a full packet in about 2 minutes! So, if you love After Eights and you love popcorn, then this is the food for you.

Random Things

iPhone 6/6S Sheepy Case - £12, Skinny Dip

8. After recently getting an iPhone 6S, my first aim was to get a case. This is due to the fact that I am the clumsiest person ever, and smashed my last one on the corner of a chair. And I'm not talking a little crack, I mean the full screen was just completely smashed. So, I headed out to find one, and came across this in Topshop. I personally love sheep,because they are just great animals, but I think the fact that it is quite quirky drew me to it, as I love the pastel colours of the sheep and also because they all look so clueless. I can most definitely relate to those sheep. Plus, the case comes with a screen protector, which has proven pretty handy.

9. My photo wall at university - this is just something that I have really been loving recently. I attend university in Birmingham, yet live in the north east, so the transition of a small town to a large city is quite overwhelming. However,when I'm feeling a bit stressed or homesick, looking at my pictures makes me feel better, as I'm surrounded by my friends and family. So yeah, if you're at university away from home, or are just living away from home, pictures always help to make you feel happier, or at least are funny to laugh at when you're feeling a bit down (some of mine are pretty hideous). But anyway, enough of the sentimental stuff.

'Stuffed Blobfish' - £19.99,
10. 'Stuffed Blobfish' - I'm sorry, but isn't this the most unusual and random thing ever? (As well as being the coolest, obviously!) You can imagine my excitement when I opened this on Christmas day, as we all know I love blobfish (and if you don't, where have you been? Check out my first post, '19 Things About Me' to read more). Blobfish are renowned for being really unattractive, yet I personally think they are one of the greatest things on the planet. However, they are an endangered species, which is really quite sad. That's why I have featured the blobfish in my favourites, as I just think a blobfish toy is an ingenius idea. Plus, Firebox also stock blobfish slippers, which are next on the list. However, my flatmates may not talk to me ever again, but I guess that's the risk I have to take. (I'm joking!)

Aims for February

Just to make this post a tad more original, I thought I would write about my aims for the following month. Hopefully, I will not leave my assignments until the day before (which I definitely have never done...) and will actually read a book for my course (which I definitely always do...) Last, but not least, I hope to finally start reading 1984 by George Orwell, as I have wanted to for so long, yet have never had the chance to do so. 

So there you go, my January favourites. Hope you enjoyed reading, even though some items were a bit out of the ordinary. Hope to see you again soon.

Much love amigos, 

Grace x


  1. Soo jealous you have Nars Sheer Glow! And the blobfish made me laugh x


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