Thursday, 6 April 2017

Do You Know About 'Know Cosmetics'?*

Hey guys,

So I'm back with another beauty review, and this one is all about Know Cosmetics. I had never previously heard about this brand, but was contacted a while back about reviewing them, so was excited to try them out! I was actually sent these quite a while ago, and I have taken multiple photos of these, but they just never worked in the light in my university room as they were always too dark, so I had to wait until I was back home to take them. So I apologise about the delay, but I have really loved trying them!

I was kindly sent the No Thin Lips Lip Plumper, which is, as you can probably guess, a lip plumper. I have tried quite a few of these in the past, and I actually really like this one. It is clear, so doesn't leave a tint of colour on your lips, but it definitely makes them look fuller.

Like all lip plumpers, it does make your lips tingle initially, but it soon fades and leaves your lips looking plump and healthy. I have loved trying this, and I always use it when my lips are looking a bit dry and thin.

I often just use this on it's own, but also sometimes use this as a base for my lipstick, as it adds a bit more volume to your lips.

I was also kindly sent the No Dark Shadows Complexion Enhancer in 'Wow', which helps to brighten up your under-eyes. To compare, it is very much like the YSL Touche Eclat Illuminating Concealer, but more of a high street price.

To use it, you turn the bottom of the packaging, and the product comes out of the brush-like applicator at the top. Be careful though, as a lot comes out, so be watchful of how much you turn it! Here, you just dot it underneath your eyes, or apply it in a triangle shape underneath your eyes, depending on how much product you want to use, then blend in with a brush or sponge! I often opt for the Beauty Blender, as I feel that this blends product under my eyes the best, but that's just personal preference.

As someone who is very fair-skinned, it is light enough to highlight my under-eyes. I would say this is a light-medium coverage, so if you want more of a fuller coverage, I would use this as well as your normal under-eye concealer. However, it is very good at brightening those dark circles, which is exactly what it aims to do!

So there you have it, a mini review on Know Cosmetics. These products are available in Superdrug, so are accessible to buy in the UK, and aren't too pricey, so are great for students or those who love high street beauty (I know I definitely do!).

Have you tried Know Cosmetics? If so, what did you think?

Much love,

Grace x

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