Wednesday, 13 December 2017

A Lot Has Happened in the Past Couple of Months...

Hey guys,

I'M BAAAACK! Well, it's been a bloody long time hasn't it. But I am back, and I have more posts scheduled for the upcoming weeks. Check me out, being all organised.

Not going to lie, a lot has happened since I last wrote one of these posts, including travelling Italy (if you want to see more, then head over to my Instagram where I basically spammed with travel photos #sorrynotsorry) and turning 21.

Although, we don't talk about the latter. I refuse to admit that I am 21, as when I was younger, 21 was the age that I thought that I became and adult and now I know that this is wrong and I was stupid. 30 is the age when I become an adult and do adult things. Not 21. Silly younger Grace, how foolish.

But anyway, I am in third year of university, studying in a pretty fantastic place that is a hell of a lot warmer than England right now, and I am loving life. It's one of the most beautiful places I have visited, and it's great to be within a vicinity of some of the most amazing cities in the world. I mean, the other day, I hopped on a train to Rome. Rome. As in, actual Rome. Mad.

Also, I have agreed to do something ridiculously stupid. I am going to do the Rome half marathon. If you know me, this is actually laughable. I am in no way a runner, and I am definitely not someone who enjoys running. I pretty much hate it. But one day, my friend just turned to me and was like 'want to do the Rome half marathon?' and I was like 'okay yeah, go on then'. Didn't think it'd actually happen. But here I am, 2 months on, running. Voluntarily. Genuinely think there is something wrong with me.

#prayforgrace. No, really. Help me.

All jokes aside, I am pretty proud of myself when it comes to this. I never thought that I would be the person that would agree to do a half marathon, never mind actually train and do it. Lol, go me.

Another pretty huge thing - I've been accepted to do a work placement at Penguin Random House in their PR and Marketing department. This, to me, is completely insane. Genuinely, when I opened that email, I could not control my excitement. As a book lover, this was so exciting, and to be doing it at such a big publishers - I just could not comprehend it. But yeah, I am doing that in January, so be sure to look out for a blogpost all about my time there!

So, that is basically what has been going on in my life over the past couple of months. I mean, in terms of travel, I will be posting more about my adventures in Italy, so be sure to look out for those!

Plus, the beach that the photo was taken on is called Spiaggia Pane e Pomodoro. Which translates to Bread and Tomato beach. The English language just ruins everything. Plus, it's pretty funny hearing it being read out on the loudspeaker in comparison to all of the other languages.

And remember, I'm not 21. Just to remind you.

Much love guys,

Grace x


  1. Can't wait for your Italy posts! And omg you'll smash that marathon what an amazing goal x
    Morgan //

    1. Thank you so much! I’m hoping to be posting a lot more this year when it comes to travel! X


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