Monday, 22 January 2018

Get That Glow

I'm very much a glowy kind of person when it comes to base make-up.

Even though I'm an avid user of Estee Lauder Double Wear (what an absolute gem of a foundation), which leaves you with a matte finish, I always use products that will make my skin glow.

These range from primers, highlighters and setting sprays, so I thought that I would show you my favourite products for getting that glow!

Firstly, we have two absolute staples if you want a glow - the Anastasia Beverley Hills Glow Kits in That Glow and Aurora. To be fair, you don't need both, but I thought I would show you the two in my collection, as I feel they are both very different, but just as beautiful as each other. That Glow is very much a gold-focused palette, with a hint of a pink undertone in the shade Bubbly. This palette is absolutely perfect for summer, as it compliments a tanned skin tone. However, I do use the shade Bubbly all year round (as you can probably tell, I have well and truly hit pan), as I feel it is the one shade that suits pale skin tones in this palette. Plus, it's pretty. So of course I'm going to use it everyday.

The Aurora Glow Kit is one that is a newbie in my collection. It is very different to That Glow, as the shades have more of a icy reflect, and includes purple and blue tones.However, there is still the odd gold hue here and there! I feel that these give something a bit different to a make-up look, as they aren't the stereotypical highlighting shades that you normally find, as most palettes purely focus on a pink or a champagne undertone. Plus, these suit a paler skin tone, so they are perfect for me. I love experimenting with them too, and using different shades to highlight different areas of my face.

Next up is another new addition to my collection, the Urban Decay Naked Highlighting Fluid in the shade Aura. This is perfect for mixing in with your foundation to add a bit more of a dewy effect, and I also sometimes use it under my foundation on my cheekbones, my cupid's bow and the tip of my nose, just to highlight these points even more.

My favourite primer for a bit of a glow is the Estee Lauder Illuminating Primer. This is perfect for putting under your foundation, and leaves your skin feeling hydrated. Also, it helps your foundation blend so easily into your skin - I have used primers that literally do not help at all, and my foundation just clings to my dry patches! Plus, it helps your foundation last all day, which is fab!

I also have two setting sprays that I love for finishing off my glowy make-up look. Mac Fix+ is my absolute favourite setting spray for leaving my skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. It leaves your skin glowing and looking so healthy. It's just fab, and, as you can see, I've almost ran out (sad times), so I will definitely be repurchasing.

The Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray is a new addition to my make-up collection, and it is definitely a great one! I had heard great things previous to getting this, but saw no point in straying away from my trusty Fix+. However, I'm so glad that I did! This does exactly as it says on the tin, it literally lasts all night. So if you're struggling with making your make-up last all day, then definitely give this a go!

I thought that I would show you both, as I actually use them just as much as each other; I use Fix+ for a more natural, dewy look for during the day, and All Nighter for exactly that, a night out!

I absolutely love all of these products, and they are all definitely staples in my everyday make-up! However, I am always on the look out for new products to try, so do let me know which glowy/dewy products you have been loving recently in the comments below!

Much love amigos,

Grace x


  1. I love ABH palettes so much, I've always wanted to try the highlighting ones but have never got around to buying one! They look stunning though! I've got the Urban Decay All Nighter and I love it, one of the best setting sprays I've tried and doesn't leave marks on your face like some do!

    Jess xx

  2. Your photography is amazing, so bright and lovely. I haven't tried any of these products before but they all sound amazing! xx corinne

  3. Love this post! I love having glowing skin and a killer highlight, so it's right up my street! I had no idea Urban Decay has new highlighting fluids, I need that now! Fix + and All Nighter are my two faves as well!

    Ashley |


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