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An Insider's Guide to Bari Vecchia | Travel

I've lived in Bari for a pretty long time now, so thought it was about time that I should probably do a mini travel post! My boyfriend has come to visit me for a few weeks, so I am V EXCITED to show him all my favourite places to see and eat (most importantly eat), and we began our travels by taking a trip to Bari Vecchia.

This historic part of Bari is the Old Town, and is just suuuuper picturesque. Not gonna lie guys, it's bloody Instagram-worthy. Also, gonna do a shameless plug here, but I have posted quite a few pictures of Old Town on my Instagram, so for a cheeky preview of my travel pics, you can check it out here.

It's kind like travelling back in time, as the houses and buildings are so quaint, and the streets are so narrow, you always end up getting lost. Well, I do, but then I always end up finding new places to explore, which I personally think is a win. But then I always end up not being able to find my way out and end up going in circles and there is mass confusion. But at least the scenery is pretty.

So here are a few pictures of our tour around Old Town. Here, you can find some local cuisine sold in the street, such as the local women selling the Orecciette pasta, which I love, as well as local shops selling fresh fruit and veg.

You can also find local cheeses, which are the absolute BEST; I have realised since living here that I have never realised my true love for cheese, and now, I want it ALL. If you're a cheese fan like me, you definitely have to try the Burata cheese here, which is basically like Mozzarella but with a more runny centre. Okay, I'm not really selling it with my description, but I promise, it is very good!

There are also really cute coffee shops, including one of my favourites, Ciclatera Sotto il Mare. They do amazing chocolate cocktails, and I would definitely recommend giving them a try. Alex ordered one yesterday that literally tasted like Christmas in a fancy glass. They're hot, which is baffling on the first try, but it's literally like an alcoholic hot chocolate. You can't go wrong really!

You will also find St Nicola's Basilica, which holds the remains of St Nick, as in Santa Claus himself. The basilica itself is stunning and definitely worth a visit, and there is a crypt that you can also visit which is where St Nicola's remains and relics are. I don't have any pictures inside of the Basilica, but it is truly stunning, and is definitely a highlight and must-see of Bari Vecchia.

The best place to visit, however, is Piazza Mercantile, which is the main piazza in Bari Vecchia. Here, you will find an array of restaurants, gelaterias and bars. There are also roads leading off that have brilliant cocktail bars - a favourite of mine is Chat Noir, which is just off a side street. I think the easiest way to describe it is a cocktail bar with a Moroccan theme - very cool decor and a very cool drinks menu. My aim is to get a picture inside, but as I always go in at night, I can never get the lighting perfect, but fingers crossed one day I can show you guys a photo that does it justice. Plus, I took this outside and the waiter came out, so I quickly ran.

The best ice cream you will ever have is also here - Martinucci's. Genuinely, once you have been here, you'll always have to come back for more! Pretty sure that I've been at least weekly whilst living here, because their ice cream is just to die for, and it's soooo cheap! My personal fave mix is Stracciatella and Coconut, and for a small cup, it's only 2 euros. And I'll be honest with you, the portions are anything but small!

Here is a picture of me staring intently at my beloved ice cream. After this photo was taken, it was gone in under 1 minute. It took a lot for me to wait to get this photo. I am very proud of my will power.

There is also the castle, which I'm not gonna lie to you, is a bit of a letdown. It doesn't really showcase any of Bari's history, so if you do visit, I'd say maybe skip this for something else if you are short of time. I got a picture next to the castle because it's a pretty cool backdrop, but again, I don't think it's worth a trip inside. Definitely worth looking at its exterior though, as it's pretty cool. There are many museums around Bari Vecchia, such as the St Nicola's museum and the Archaelogical museum.

Bari Vecchia has so much to offer, and is definitely worth a visit if you're ever visiting Puglia! I hope to write more insider guides, such as where the best places in Bari are to eat, and also tips about travelling to the surrounding areas of Bari, including Polignano a Mare and Monopoli! I hope my little travel guide has been helpful, and I will be sure to post more about the beautiful city of Bari!

Much love amigos,

Grace x


  1. That place looks amazing and so photogenic!x

  2. I have lived in Turin for a year and seen quite a lot of tuscany and rome but never went to Puglia or Bari. Looks like such a pretty city! as all italian cities really!

  3. Love how personal this guide is! Photos are beautiful and so is that pasta stall mmm
    Morgan //

  4. This is such a lovely post, The photography is amazing and you look stunning, also how photogenic is that place?.
    Charlie |

  5. Wow what a fantastic post! Your photos are stunning, i feel like I have had my very own personal tour!
    I love cheese and chocolate cocktails sound like heaven I’m extremely jealous and craving cheese right now. Great post thanks so much for sharing 😍

    Melanie |

  6. I love travel style posts so much! Your photos are amazing

  7. This looks absolutely stunning, why had I never heard of Bari before?!

  8. Gorgeous photography!
    Thank you for sharing :)

    Claire xxx


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