Friday, 22 April 2016

The New Bloggers UK Tag

Hey guys, 

Recently, I have been tagged in quite a few tags, and due to my ridiculous amount of uni work, I haven't really been able to keep up! However, I am going to try and write them and get them published as soon as I can, so keep a look out for my next upcoming posts! 

This is The New Bloggers UK Tag, which is a new Instagram account that aims at bringing together bloggers within the UK! You should definitely check it out, and I will leave the link here

I was tagged by the very lovely Hannah Barnes from The Hannah Louise blogs, you should definitely check her out too, she posts about all things beauty, and her make up is amazing! 

What is your favourite brand and why?
My favourite brand varies on product, as for all things mascara, I love Benefit, yet if I'm looking for a new lip product, I will definitely head to Mac! However, my favourite drugstore brand is definitely Rimmel, as I love their foundations and they have the best range of nail varnishes.

Why do you wear make-up and what does it do for you?
I wear make up as it just makes me more confident. Also, as unfortunately I look 12 with no make up, it makes me look a bit older, yet still doesn't make me look my age. Literally, I have to carry ID everywhere, as people think I'm 15/16 (I'm actually 19, I promise!).

How would you describe your personal style?
I don't think I've got a particular style, I just wear what I feel like wearing that day! I wouldn't say I'm particularly daring with my style, as I stick to quite plain colours, such as white and black, but sometimes I'll branch out and go for blue or grey. (I'm not that adventurous with clothes, as I'm quite pale and some things just wash me out).

What is your favourite beauty product for under £10?
I'd say my favourite beauty product under £10 is definitely the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, as I use it every day, and it covers my dark under-eye circles, as well as any redness. At only £3.99, you can't go wrong! 

Who is your biggest blog inspiration?
I love Inthefrow, as her style is amazing, and she always has the most beautiful make up!

What is the one beauty tip you swear by?
I always put mousse in my hair before drying my hair! As my hair is so straight and quite thick, it lays quite flat, so if I add a bit of mousse before drying and dry my hair upside down, then voila! Instant volume!

What’s one make-up product you can’t live without?
I cannot live without mascara, it just makes me look so much more awake! Plus, it accentuates my eye colour, which leads away from my nose, which is always a good thing! (as you can tell, I really don't like my nose!)

What’s one make-up product you can live without?
Probably blusher, as I hardly ever wear it. I can never find the perfect shade for my skin, as I'm so pale, even the smallest amount makes my cheeks look ridiculous!

What is your favourite thing about blogging?
My favourite thing about blogging is the social media side of it! I love interacting with other bloggers on Twitter, and I love how supportive everyone is of one another. Plus, I have just started an Instagram account for my blog, and I love looking at other blogger's feeds for inspiration, everyone's pages are so pretty! If you want to check out my social media, here are the links for my Twitter and my Instagram

What advice would you give to other bloggers/aspiring bloggers?
My issue with starting a blog was that I was always nervous to, as I always worried about what people would think. However, now that I have started, I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions I have made! I have met so many amazing people, and actually love blogging, it's such a great release from Uni work, and it's just something I really enjoy doing!

So there are my answers for the New Bloggers UK Tag, I hope you have enjoyed reading! I tag anyone reading this post, as it's been really fun to do! If you do answer this tag, be sure to tweet me with your link (my twitter username is @tnlblogs) or comment below, as I'd love to see your answers! I hope to see you all again soon.

Much love, 

Grace x


  1. Really enjoyed reading your tag and I think I'm going to have to try your beauty tip with the moose, my hair dries poker straight and volume is always an issue for me too xx

    1. Thanks Hannah! Honestly, it works wonders, I scrunch it into the ends and then put a tiny bit into the roots to give them a lift:)! xx

  2. This is such a fun tag. I really enjoyed reading your answers:) i also cant live without mascara, its a must for me. And honestly girl.... I dont wear blushes that much :) great post girlie !! Would you like to follow each on Bloglovin and other social media :) x

    1. Thank you so much :) I love reading and writing tags, they're super fun to do! Mascara is a definite must for me too, it just makes such a difference! x

  3. THis is the first tag I done, I really love it - love your answers! I love the collection concealer too :)

    1. Thank you, and collection concealer is a life saver, I love it :)

  4. This is such a great tag, I love it! And, I definitely agree that the Collection concealer is an absolute God sent!

    Hollie Ann X

    1. Thank you! :) And it really is, it's definitely a favourite! And for £4/£5, you can't really go wrong! X


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