Sunday, 4 September 2016

30 Thoughts That All Freshers Have on Fresher's Week

Hey guys,

So this is something a bit different, but seeing as though it's that time of year again, where A-level students have received their results and uni is getting closer and closer, I thought that I would write a uni-themed post. And what better way to write a uni post than to write a 'thoughts of' post? I love reading these kind of posts, so thought that I would create one myself! So here you are, '30 Thoughts That All Freshers Have on Fresher's Week'!

1. 'Oh my god, I am so excited to meet my flat'

2. 'What if my flat all don't like me?'

3. 'Or what if I don't like them?'

4. 'Wow, my accent IS weird'

5. 'I have nothing to wear'

6. 'I need to take the whole contents of my bedroom, because I'll definitely need it'

7. 'Oh crap, I'm actually going to have to learn how to cook something other than pasta'

8. 'Meh, pasta is a healthy meal, I'll just put tomato sauce on it, that's a vegetable.'

9. 'What is this questionable stain on my bedside cabinet?'

10. 'Wow, my course looks shit. Maybe I should just get pissed the whole time and hope for the best'

11. 'Haha, I won't need to use the library' (just a side note, yes, yes you will)

12. 'Who is this random person in my flat?'

13. 'Okay, so my washing is in the washing machine and I am adulting like a pro' *1 hour later* 'Oh crap, my red sock was in with the whites'

14. 'If I don't look at my phone, then maybe those texts I sent last night to my ex/friends/everyone I've ever met won't exist?'

15. 'Where am I, lol?'

16. 'That is the last time I'll ever drink Frosty Jacks'

17. 'What is the cheapest drink with the highest percentage of alcohol?'

18. 'Probably should ring my parents'

19. 'Meh, I'll ring them next week and let them worry for a couple more days'

20. 'I won't fail my course if I miss one 9am' (this then turns into every 9am)

21. 'TEQUILA!'

22. 'Okay, now I know what they all meant by "fresher's flu"'

23. 'Why do hangovers exist? Why Lord?!'

24. 'Pizza is life'

25. 'This is absolutely class, I hope the rest of uni is this good'

26. 'Lol, I hope my liver survives. Pass me the vodka #yolo' (You think this whilst drunk and hate yourself for it when you're sober)

27. 'I can't remember last night, and I'm glad' (You probably embarrassed yourself, let's be honest)

28. 'Oh my goodness, we are going to be best friends forever!' (You will probably never see this person ever again)

29. 'My loan will definitely last me until December, who needs an overdraft?'

30. 'Overdraft, where you at??'

So there you have it, 30 Thoughts That All Freshers Have on Fresher's Week. I know that the majority are centred around alcohol, but if you've been a fresher, you'll know what I mean.

In all seriousness, being a fresher is absolutely amazing, and as I am going into my second year of university, I'm really going to miss it!

Are you a soon-to-be fresher? Have you experienced any of these thoughts, or got any more to add to the list? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

Much love,

Grace x


  1. Wow my accent is weird haha that made me laugh! Xx

    1. Haha thank you, it's true, as a northerner, I went to uni and realised how different I sounded in comparison to everyone else😂 X

  2. Love this post- it's so true! Pretty sure I thought all of these! Can't believe I won't be a fresher next year... time flies!! xx

    1. Thank you so much, and I know, I'm sad that I'm not a fresher anymore! X


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