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Travel Diary: Yosemite

Hey guys, 

So this is the second post in my 'California Travel Diary' series, and focuses upon one of the most beautiful places that I have ever visited: Yosemite.

I'm not going to lie, I had never heard of Yosemite before (and my first attempt at pronouncing it was pretty poor). All that I knew was that it was a national park, so that in itself got me excited to visit. However, I was not expecting what I saw when I arrived.

Yosemite was honestly one of the most beautiful places that I have ever visited. 

On our first day of visiting, we decided to get a tour around the national park, and visited places such as Yosemite Valley, Glacier Point and Bridalveil Falls. 

However, our tour guide told us that she could only show us 2% of the national park, as the rest can only be viewed if you walk to it. It's fair to say that I was pretty astounded at how much 2% was.

I thought that I would feature a couple of photos that I took at Yosemite, as it was honestly one of the most amazing places that I have ever visited. (Have I mentioned how it was one of the best places that I have visited?)

First things first, ignore my gormless face, I obviously got confused as to what was going on. But that view is just something else. Yosemite Valley one of the first main stops on our tour around the park, and I was pretty much left speechless. Honestly breathtaking.

Okay, so you can't really see what my camera is aimed at, as we were pretty far away at this point. I also got pictures when I was underneath the falls, yet the sun was behind it so you couldn't see anything. However, you can see footage of Bridalveil Falls over on my new YouTube video, as I show what it fully looks like and explain more about what we did during our time exploring Yosemite. I'll leave a link to my YouTube channel here. (Cheeky promo lol)

So here we have Glacier Point. I don't really know what else to say, other than wow.

I have featured a picture of El Capitan, as it was pretty cool! This is known as the tallest granite rock face in the world. Also, it's known as a bit of a bitch to climb, and can take days, maybe even longer to climb! Bet it's worth it though, imagine the feeling of accomplishment afterwards? Saying that, I could never do it, it would probably be my worst nightmare. But, maybe for others it would be great.

Not gonna lie, can't remember the name of this (actually don't think we were told), but it's just such a pretty view! 

So this is known as McGurk Meadows, and the colours of the leaves and the meadow were just so so pretty. (guys, I'm running out of adjectives, but you get me, it was pretty amazing!)

*Cue emoji with heart eyes*

Cheeky family photo because I thought it was cute.

Whilst we were here, we also went to something called the 'Sugar Pine Railroad'. This was basically an old fashioned train that took you through the forest to a campfire. We then all sat around the campfire and sang songs, and it was honestly such a fun experience! I have grown up watching American films where they have camps and they all sing around a campfire, and I genuinely never thought that I would ever go to one! But honestly, it was so good. We also had a barbecue, which was fab.

So anyway, that is the end of my Yosemite Travel Diary! I will have my next travel post up soon, which will focus on Monterey Bay, and will show what we got up to there (spoiler, we saw some whales!!) I have also written a post about my visit to San Francisco, which was the first stop on our adventure around California! You can read my San Francisco post here.

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I hope that you have enjoyed it, and thank you for reading.

Much love, 

Grace x


  1. What an amazing trip this must have been, your photos are gorgeous! Love the little outfit you're wearing as well, that pink top is super cute! Your family photo is adorable! Singing songs round the campfire sounds lovely, you must have so many memories to treasure from this visit!

    Abbey @

    1. Thank you so much for such a lovely comment, it was such a lovely trip and I made lots of lovely memories! And thank you, it was a bargain, £4 from Zara!! X

  2. Oh my god, such gorgeous photos! Looks like the trip was super fun! The rail ride sounds incredible and just so relaxing! x


    1. Thank you so much! And it was fab, definitely somewhere I'd visit again! x

  3. Wow love the breathtaking views! Great shots! =)

    - Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels


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