Friday, 28 October 2016

My First Blogger Event | Debenhams Glamoween

Hey guys,

So as you can probably guess from the title, I WENT TO MY FIRST BLOGGER EVENT! *insert mini squeal here*.

I was very fortunate to attend the Debenhams Glamoween event at the Bullring in Birmingham, which included Halloween tutorials from Make Up Forever, Illamasqua and Urban Decay.

As you can see, the Halloween décor was pretty damn cool.

Also, Make Up Forever are currently doing Halloween make up in-store, so I have included a picture of what services they provide, the prices, and a sneak preview of the looks that you could have done! 

And I'm sorry, but how cute is this little set-up?! V Instagrammable. (just made up a word, but ah well.)

The next port of call (after getting a top up of champagne, of course) was Illamasqua. Before last week, I had never tried any of Illamasqua's products, but had always heard great things. When we were there, the very lovely Chetna told us about how the brand is cruelty free, and is currently working with The Sophie Lancaster Foundation, a charity that works towards celebrating people's differences and fights against prejudice and intolerance.

Due to this, Illamasqua have brought out a range for the charity, which includes the SOPHIE Wristband and the SOPHIE pencil, and for everyone of these products sold, the charity gets £3 for every eye liner, and all of the commission from the wristband. I have featured both beneath.

As well as this range, they have also recently brought out their Christmas range, which looks B-EAUUU-TI-FUL. Look at that shimmer *insert heart eye emoji*.

I also had to feature a cheeky photo of the Illamasqua make up stand, because it is literally goals.

We were also shown Illamasqua's Halloween range, which is perfect for creating all those dark and spooky make up looks. Ranging from blacks to pinks, the range has all that you need to create a fab Halloween look. Illamasqua are also doing a deal where they will do a certain part of your make up for £10, whether this be eyes, base and even lips. Plus, if you buy something from Illamasqua on the day, this £10 goes automatically towards that product!

So last, but definitely not least, we have Urban Decay. Here, we were given a tutorial on how to create the 'I'm a Mouse, Duh' make up, which is a perfect for if you need a last minute Halloween costume! Here, the Moondust palette and the Naked palettes were used to create a dark, but pretty eye look.

After this, we got to have a play around with the Moondust palette and the new Naked Ultimate Basics, which are both perfect for creating Autmumnal/Winter looks. Plus, hats off to Urban Decay here. That pumpkin is bloomin' amazing!

So there you have it, my very first blogger event! It was such an amazing experience, and I would very much like to thank Debenhams for having me!

What are your favourite looks for Halloween?

Much love,

Grace x


  1. omg I am so jealous, looks like you had fun!!! xox

  2. What a lovely event! I've been eyeing up the moon dust palette it's gorgeous ��

    1. I was very tempted to get it, as I can't resist a bit of shimmer. It's such a lovely palette! And thank you x

  3. Wow you're so lucky, this looks amazing!! x
    Morgan |

    1. It was such an amazing event, and was lots of fun! Thank you x

  4. Wow! This looked like such an amazing event and your photos are stunning!

  5. You're so lucky this looks amazing
    Great pictures!

    Keep up the hard work
    Warm wishes
    Jazziepickles xoxo

    1. Thank you, it was such a fab event! And thank you so much for such a lovely comment :)! x

  6. That looks like such a great event to go to!
    Emily-May xo

    1. It was so fun, the make up artists were amazing! x

  7. What a fabulous looking event! I am glad you had such a great time :)

    1. It was such a lovely event, thank you so much :)! X

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