Monday, 9 January 2017

10 Reasons Why I Love Being a Northerner

Hey guys,

So, as you can probably tell, I'm northern. Well, I'm very northern.

So therefore, I had an idea of writing a post all about why I love being a northerner! By the way, I have absolutely nothing against the midlands or the south, I just thought it would be a fun post to write!

  1. We have the best accents - I mean, some may find them annoying, but I think they're bloody brilliant. I still find it so strange how even people from places that are only a few miles apart have completely different accents. But I love it!
  2. We have the best of both worlds - you get your cities, your towns and then your countryside, all in a couple of miles of each other. I actually live in the suburb of a town, and if I go 5 minutes one way, I'm in a town, and if I go 5 minutes the other way, I'm in the countryside. Living the dream.
  3. Snow! - I mean, we haven't really had any this year, but ah well. As we have a colder climate than down south, we get more snow, so there you go, every cloud and all that! We may be cold, but we have snow.
  4. The Lake District - Okay, yes, it rains a hell of a lot, but it's bloody beautiful! And yes, I do live on the opposite side of England, but it's still only a 2 hour car journey away!
  5. It's close to Edinburgh - Honestly, this is such a big factor for me. I love Edinburgh, and as I live on the east coast, I can get a direct train to Edinburgh for less than £20 return, which is fab!
  6. It makes visiting London more exciting - As I live at the complete opposite end of the country to London, it's just so exciting to travel and have a short break there! I love London, but I know a few people who live near London and don't like it, and I never want to be like that!
  7. We have pretty decent beaches - Don't worry, I know they will never beat the beaches in Cornwall (which is definitely my favourite coastal place in England), but they are pretty nice! I took this photo a couple of days ago at sunset, and this beach is literally a 30 minute drive from me, if that! I'm very fortunate to live near the sea, and I try and go as much as I can.
  8. Our dialect is great - At uni, I will say certain words, and my housemates, who are We all southerners, will have no clue of what I mean. For example, I use the term 'canny' to mean that someone is cute and nice (it's really hard to explain), yet I know in other parts of the north east, it means something completely different, which is understandably confusing. Again, it's pretty cool how differently people speak, yet are in such close proximity of each other within the country.
  9. York - I absolutely love York, it is by far one of my favourite cities, and I actually hope to move there one day. It is honestly one of the prettiest cities, and I feel it's completely underrated! If you're ever up in the north east area, I'd definitely recommend a visit!
  10. We have parmos - enough said really. It's basically breaded chicken with béchamel sauce and cheese, and it's absolutely mint.
So there you have it, 10 reasons why I love being northern! I hope you enjoyed it! What are your favourite things about where you live?

Much love,

Grace x


  1. I'm from the south and I have a few friends up north and oh my days I'm in love with their accents they are amazing!! I want one!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks


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