Monday, 12 December 2016

A-Z of Christmas | Blogmas

Hey guys,

I do apologise for the lack of Blogmas posts, but my laptop decided to break, so I have not been able to post for a couple of days. However, I have finished uni, my laptop is fixed and I have a lot of ideas for Blogmas, so should hopefully be back to a normal upload from now on!

Today, I thought that I would do an A-Z of Christmas, as I loved writing my A-Z Travel Bucket List, so thought that another one was definitely in order!

A - Alcohol - Yes, I am not the biggest fan of alcohol and don't like drinking it for the sake of it, but it's Christmas! So therefore, a festive cocktail or the odd glass of wine here or there is fine. My sister and mum love mulled wine, and I love the smell of it, but (please don't hate me) I really can't stand to drink it.

B - Bears - You're probably going 'what? bears?!', but our Christmas tree never seems to be short of bears. No clue as to the reason, my family just seem to have collected them over the years, so we have a very bear-y tree. Partridge in a bear tree. I'm going to stop now.

C - Christmas Markets - If you have already read my Blogmas Day 3, then you will know that I love Christmas markets. I just love the atmosphere, the lights and the food (obv).

D - Decorations - When you start to see decorations out and about, you know that it's the start of Christmas. Plus, who doesn't love some good ol' Christmas lights?

E - Edinburgh - We always seem to go to Edinburgh near Christmas, and I am actually going next week with my boyfriend, which is super exciting! Plus, it's such a beautiful city and is great to visit during this time of year.

F - Family - I love spending time with my family during the Christmas holidays, whether it be on Christmas day itself, or just visiting relatives that you may not get to see as much during the year.

G - Gloria in Exelcis - Another random pick of a letter, but every year, we go carolling at the local hospital a couple of  days before Christmas Day, and it is honestly one of the most lovely things. I love seeing how happy the patients are, and all the nurses sing along; and it's one of the best feelings knowing that you have made someone that happy.

H - Hot Chocolate - There is nothing better than snuggling up in a blanket and drinking a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. Also, as I love it at this time of year, add a splash of Baileys, as it makes your hot chocolate taste extra creamy and delicious.

I - Icy - We all know how temperamental the weather is during this time of the year, and I for one am always prone to falling over in the most hilarious way possible with as many people present as there can possibly be. But it wouldn't be Christmas without it.

J - Jingle Bells - You literally cannot go anywhere without hearing this song, it is everywhere!!

K - Kranks - Christmas with the Kranks is a completely underrated Christmas film, and is absolutely hilarious. If you haven't seen it, and just want a feel good festive comedy, then I'd recommend watching it!

L - Love - I just love Christmas!

M - Movies - I mean, come on, who can resist a Christmas film?

N - Night's Out - I do love a good night out during Christmas, as it means you can wear super sparkly dresses and fit right in! Plus, I love dancing to Christmas songs on night's out, you can embarrass yourself, but it doesn't matter because it's Christmas.

O - Oranges - I'm sorry, but it's not Christmas Day without you emptying your stocking and finding a satsuma at the bottom. I bloody love satsumas, so it's a present in itself to be honest.

P - Presents - I love buying people Christmas presents! I just love it, and I can't wait to go Christmas shopping this year. (yes, I do leave my present buying until late, but we will blame uni for that one).

Q - Queen's Speech - We hardly ever watch the Queen's Speech completely, but we do watch the highlights or watch parts. I do respect our Queen a lot, she's amazing for her age!

R - Reindeer - Always reminds me of my trip to Lapland when I was younger, which I absolutely loved! (Although I apparently moaned saying that I was too cold and I can remember that a husky bit me which wasn't funny then, but it's pretty funny now)

S - Songs - Christmas songs are what make me happy during writing assignments (they got me through November), as I was just holding onto the fact that Christmas was coming and after the assignments were done, I could relax. Plus, they're just so fun and boppy.

T - Tree - As I am writing this, we have just put ours up and I have never seen my dad so proud. I have always loved decorating the tree, it is one of the things I look forward to most. We always put on a Christmas album to sing along to as well, so there is a lot of warbling to Michael Buble its fair to say.

U - Unexpected - There is always something that happens on Christmas Day that does not go to plan, but that's okay, because it wouldn't be Christmas without a bit of a disaster.

V - Vacation - As in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - this is a film that my family and I always watch near Christmas, as it's honestly one of the funniest films, and we can definitely relate to the Griswalds.

W - Weather - Yes, it's cold and some days can be pretty grim, but I am very lucky to live up north where we do get quite a bit of snow! Although we never seem to have a white Christmas, which is sad.

X - Xmas - Okay guys, please don't hate me, but nothing begins with X! So I had to make a compromise and just use this. (sorry)

Y - Yorkshire Puddings - Well, everything about a Christmas dinner really!! You cannot beat pigs in blankets.

Z - ZZZs - Christmas is definitely a time for relaxing, so I will definitely be catching up on my sleep (although I still can't sleep very well on Christmas Eve...please don't judge me).

So there you have it, my A-Z of Christmas! I love writing these posts, and this has definitely got me excited for all the things that Christmas has to offer.

What do you love to do during Christmas time?

Much love,

Grace x


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