Friday, 2 December 2016

November Favourites | Blogmas

Hey guys,

For the second day of Blogmas, I thought that I would do a little Monthly Favourites! So here you have all the things that I have been loving over the month of November.

First up, we have the Snow Fairy Body Conditioner. Okay, so I mentioned this product in a beauty haul that I posted a couple of weeks ago (I'll leave a link to this here), but I love it! As you probably all know, I am a self-confessed Lush addict, and whenever they release anything that is Snow Fairy related, I just have to try it out! I had heard a lot of good things about Lush's body conditioners, so knew when they released a Snow Fairy scented one, I had to have it. It's nothing like I thought it would be, as it is a much smoother consistency and literally glides onto your skin, whereas I assumed that it would be something that you rub in and wash off. It is literally like a conditioner for your skin, and leaves your skin feeling so soft. Plus, you are left smelling super sweet and sparkly!

This is something that has really helped me through the month of November, as deadlines have been creeping up on me, which means a LOT of late nights sat up trying not to cry at the fact that I have so much to do in so little time. So yeah, sleep has unfortunately been something that I have been lacking recently, so this Sleep Plus Pillow Spray by This Works has been a lifesaver. All you have to do is give your pillow a quick spritz, and voila, you're done. With the relaxing scent of lavender, this products helps me get such a good night's sleep. However, with this product, I feel a little goes a long way, so I'd advise to not spray more than once or twice, as it can be quite over-powering. I also love the Sleep Plus Hair Elixir, as my hair feels so silky the next morning. And it smells so good, which is a bonus.

So the next item is something that I love all year round, but it's great for this time of year. I mean come on, it's Chip from Beauty and the Beast; how cool is that?! I just think it's the cutest little mug, and it's perfect for those cold, wintry nights, when you just want to curl up in  a blanket and have a hot drink! My favourite hot drink is definitely Twining's China Rose tea, as I feel that this is so relaxing and just tastes so damn good! Unfortunately, I don't live near London, so when I'm there, I always stock up.

Another favourite this month is a good ol' box of Celebrations. When I see these come in stock at this time of year, I am always sure to grab a box (or two). They are perfect for sharing (lol next joke), and fab for when you've been sat over a computer for hours and just want a treat. (Can you tell that I've had a lot of assignments this month?) Plus, I love the element of surprise when you're like, 'ooo, which one is this', and then it's a let down when it's a Mars. But apart from that, they're so good.

So there you have it, my November favourites! I love writing favourites posts, so feel like I may write them more often, just unfortunately, being a student means that I can't buy new products every month, so I always include products that are oldies, but goodies!

What products have you been loving this past month?

Much love,

Grace x


  1. Girl I can relate, I'm a self-confessed lush addict too, they're products are amazing and do wonders. As soon as I see celebrations hit the shelves I know that the festive season is approaching - teasers is my favourite from the pack.

    Tajinder |

    1. Can't beat a bit of Lush! And oh my goodness, they're my faves too, by far the best ones! Thanks so much for reading :) x

  2. I almost bought the snow fairy today but I already have a body conditioner so couldn't justify it. It smells so good though! xx

    1. It's such a fab product, I'll definitely be buying more body conditioners, they work wonders! Thanks for reading :) x

  3. Such good products! I want to dry the body conditioner! I've actually heard of it before, and it sounds amazing! I love reading your blogmas posts, I'm doing it too if you wanna check it out!

    xoxo Lex // LexMeetsWorld

    1. Thank you so much, and you definitely should, it's such a lovely product! Aw thank you, I'll go and check out your posts now :) x


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