Monday, 19 December 2016

Christmas in Edinburgh | Blogmas

Hey guys, 

I was very fortunate to visit Edinburgh last week with my boyfriend, as we decided to visit to do a bit of Christmas shopping and see the sights. So, I thought that I would write a blog post all about my time there, a little 'a day in the life of...', with also a couple of recommendations if you're thinking of visiting during the festive period. Plus, I love writing these kinds of posts!

On the first day, we ended up going shopping, but I don't have any pictures as I just got too carried away (as you do), but Edinburgh is fab for shopping! The best places are definitely Princes Street and George Street, however there are some little gems down the Royal Mile, so I'd definitely recommend an amble along there.

On the night, we went ice skating around St Andrews Square, which was absolutely lovely! You skate around the monument, and there is also a bar in the middle, which is good for a cheeky hot chocolate or just a drink for afterwards. We then visited The Mussel Inn, which is located on Rose Street, which we visit every time we visit Edinburgh. If you're a fan of seafood, then this is definitely the place to visit! 

This is a very unflattering picture of me, but the only other one Alex had of me had a child falling over in the background, so I felt bad for putting it on. Even though I laughed (I'm a bad person).

We also decided to go to The Dome for cocktails as we have heard very good things, but I forgot my ID (I am actually 20, but I look 12, it's not great), so those plans were ruined. However, we did end up going to see the Street of Light which is situated on George Street. It was pretty spectacular, and great to see! So if you're heading that way, then I'd definitely recommend going to see it, especially at night, it's pretty amazing!

The second day, we decided to visit the Christmas market (I do love a good Christmas market), and the one on Princes Street is pretty great. There is tons to see and loads of different stalls, so I picked up a few Christmas presents and an obligatory crepe, as you can't walk past a crepe stall and not get one. Or two.

We then decided to visit Camera Obscura, which is one of my favourite attractions in Edinburgh. It's basically full of optical illusions and it's very interactive - basically a lot of fun!! 

As you can see, me and Alex took full advantage of being big kids and made complete fools out of ourselves, but we loved every second of it!

Plus, here is a pretty picture that I took of Edinburgh from the roof of Camera Obscura (which is located near the castle on the Royal Mile), and I always forget how close Edinburgh is to the sea. Plus, isn't it such a beautiful city?

I loved my time here, and I will definitely be visiting again at some point (hopefully soon!). It is honestly one of my favourite cities, and it is fab to visit during the festive period! I hope that you enjoyed reading about my time in Edinburgh, and I hope to see you all again soon!

Where do you love to visit during the festive period?

Much love,

Grace x

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