Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Aaand Relax...

Hey guys,

As of lately, I have been in real need of some down-time, due to exam stress and deadlines. (This is why I have not been blogging as much over the past couple of weeks.) Therefore, I thought that I would write a post on what I do when I'm stressed, as I know this time of year is pretty bad for exams and deadlines, regardless of whether you're doing GCSEs, A levels or are at university. Also, there is kind of a Lush theme going on with how I chill out, but yeah, here's for all you super Lush fans like me!

Firstly, breathe. I know that you may think it's obvious to just breathe, but when I get stressed, I get myself all worked up and feel like I'm not in control and end up having a panic attack. However, if you get panic attacks, like me, it helps if you sit down, make yourself aware of the fact that you are supported by the chair and place your feet flat on the floor. Then, just take deep breaths, and I actually find it more calming if I close my eyes, as it lets you concentrate fully on your breathing. I was told these tips by a psychologist, and they actually do work. I hope that it helps!

Secondly, run a bath. Okay, here's where the Lush obsession comes in. Since I've started having Lush baths, their bath products are literally all I use. They have a massive range, so there will definitely be something for everyone, whether you like sweet scents, floral scents or musky scents, the list is endless! Last time, I used the Karma bubble bar, which I think is one of the most calming scents of Lush.

Plus, it turns the bath a really cool colour.

Next, I normally put on a hair mask or a face mask. This time, I used the 'Rosey Cheeks' face mask. Before this, I had never used a Lush face mask, as I have super sensitive skin, so never dared to try one. However, after using this, my skin felt so refreshed. After getting out the bath, I use my Neal's Yard Moisturiser that I bought in recently in London.You can read all about it in my London Haul.

Sometimes, as I find it so therapeutic painting my nails, I'll pick a nice nude colour (loving nude nails recently) and paint my nails. Right now, I'm sporting a good old fashioned French manicure.

After this, I normally just sit and read a book (currently about to start Us by David Nicholls), or watch my favourite series on Netflix (Gossip Girl, obviously!). 

Hope you enjoyed this post, and I'm sorry that I haven't been posting recently, but I will definitely get back to posting regularly! 

Much love, 

Grace x

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