Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Top 5 Tuesday

Hey guys, 

Last week, I decided to make a little series of posts that would go up on a Tuesday to show what I have been loving over the past week. So, here is my top 5 of the week!

1. O.P.I in the shade Tickle My France-y - Recently, I went to Norway, and obviously had to have a look through duty free. Whilst browsing, I found a set of mini O.P.I nail varnishes. Firstly, I love O.P.I, I think that they do the most amazing colours, as I especially love bright colours on my nails. However, I have recently started loving nudes and greys for nails, and I came across this beautiful colour in the set. I love that it goes with everything, and looks very sophisticated without any effort. Plus, I have used it a lot, and it is still basically full, which is another bonus.

2. L'Oreal Elnett Satin Supreme Hold - Personally, I think that this is the best hairspray ever. I have used it for as long as I can remember, and still love it. As I have very straight but thick hair, whenever I curl it, after about 10 minutes, it goes back to being straight again. However, if I spray this all over my head after curling, the curls will literally last all day. It's also good, as it doesn't make your hair stiff and adds shine. Plus, if you need a little more volume in your hair, it's great to just tip your head upside down and spray the hairspray into your roots. When you flip your head back up, your hair should be big and bouncy.

3. BROWzings by Benefit - This is a product that I actually got for Christmas last year. I have it in the shade 'light', which I initially thought was going to be too light for me, as I have quite dark eyebrows for a blondie! However, it is the perfect shade, and matches my eyebrows pretty perfectly. It also has two parts to it; firstly, there is a wax to put on as a base to fill in and shape your brows. Then, afterwards, you go in with the powder, and fill in any last bits. The brushes are also provided, as well as mini tweezers. Plus, again, this lasts a very long time, as I have been using it since Christmas, and you can hardly tell that I have used any of the product. However, as it is Benefit, it is quite pricey, but I also have a drug store favourite, which is the Barry M Brow Kit: Shape and Define. This also includes wax, powder, the brushes and mini tweezers, but also includes a mini highlight for your brow bone. 

4. Rose Jam by Lush - Right, the thing with this product is that, yes, I do love it as a bath product, as I have used it before and continue to re-purchase. However, I don't have a bath at university (sad times), so you're probably wondering how I could have been loving it over the past week. Well, it is because it just smells so damn good! At university, I literally have a drawer full of Lush products, and they make my room smell amazing. However, this stands out as the best scent, as it's just so floral and pretty. I know this is a very random thing to put in a top 5, as I haven't actually used it, but yeah, it just smells so good. Plus, it's cheaper than buying a diffuser or a candle, so is a great substitute. So yeah, swiftly moving on...

5. Gossip Girl - Okay, so if any of you follow me on Twitter (if not, my username is @tnlblogs), then you will know that I have been loving Gossip Girl. In the past, I have tried to get into it, but never could. However, last week, I decided to try again, and watched the first couple of episodes. Well, 3 episodes turned into 5, which turned into 10, which then turned into a full series...oops. As someone who has 4 coursework deadlines coming up, starting a new television series is not ideal, but ah well! I absolutely love it, and have watched 2 series (which are over 20 episodes each by the way) in about a week, so yeah, my assignments have taken a back seat in the past week. But yeah, if you have free time and haven't yet seen it, I'd recommend giving it a watch. I know that I'm pretty late to the trend of loving Gossip Girl, as my best friend used to try and get me to watch it all of the time, but yeah, love it.

So there we have it, my Top 5 Tuesday! What have been your top things of the week? I'd love to read them in the comments! I hope that you enjoyed my little ramblings, and I hope to see you again soon!

Much love, 

Grace x


  1. What a gorgeous nail varnish shade! And I love gossip girl so much, didn't take me long to watch it all haha.
    Lovely post!

    1. Thank you! I know, gossip girl is so addictive!


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