Monday, 4 July 2016

My A-Z Travel Bucket List

Hey guys, 

So today's post is another summery post, and it's all about my travel bucket list. I have seen a couple of these among other bloggers and thought it a cool idea to try out!

To set it off I've added in a couple of pictures from last year's travel, which was to Malta! It was such a beautiful country, and I'd honestly recommend visiting if you haven't! It's also good for those who love the heat, although it does cool down a little in September to mid/high 20s for those who are not keen on the heat!

A - Amsterdam - I have always wanted to visit Amsterdam, the culture and history that the city holds is always one that has fascinated me, and I'd love to visit Anne Frank's house!

B - Bali - To be fair, I could have featured a lot of places that began with B to put here, for example Brussels, Berlin, Boston, but Bali is somewhere that I would love to travel to, as I have seen a lot of photos from my friends visiting and it looks beautiful.

C - California - I'm actually lucky enough to be visiting this amazing state this summer, and it's fair to say that I am incredibly excited. I cannot wait to see the world famous sites and take a stroll down the Walk of Fame! Plus, I will definitely be blogging about my adventures, and may even vlog...

D - Dublin - Even though the flights are really quite cheap from my local airport, I have never been to Ireland's capital! However, I will hopefully be visiting soon, as I have heard great things!

E - Edinburgh - I have already visited Edinburgh, as it is quite close to me (perks of living in the north), but I would go back in a heart beat, as it is such a lovely city! Plus, Edinburgh Fringe Festival is a great place to visit in summer!

F - Fiji - It's literally an island paradise, and I hope that I will be able to visit this beautiful place at some point.

G - Giza - I have always been in awe of the Ancient Egyptians, and what better place to learn about their amazing history than the place where it happened? 

H - Hawaii - Hawaii just looks so amazing! Looks like the perfect place to chill on the beach with your favourite cocktail in one hand and a good old book in the other!

I - Ibiza - Party capital of the world, so which young adult wouldn't want to go? I've heard it's pricey to go out here, but I guess I will just have to save up, as this is somewhere that I will definitely be going to with my friends! Next, I need to find a job to fund this, haha...

J - Jersey - I visited here a couple of years back, and before this, I had not heard much about what it was like, so was very excited to find out! Honestly, I loved it, the weather was perfect and it was just such a lovely place to visit and I will hopefully be returning very soon!

K - Kenya - Kenya is somewhere that I actually studied in geography GCSE (shout out to AQA), and it seemed like a pretty cool place to visit. Plus, you can go on safari, which is the coolest thing ever.

L - Lisbon - Portugal is always somewhere that I have wanted to visit, ever since my sister visited after finishing sixth form. Lisbon is supposed to be stunning, so I look hope to visit here in the future.

M - Mykonos - I really wanted to go island hopping around Greece last year but never got the chance to! However, after following people like Zoella on social media, it kinda makes me want to visit it, as the clear blue sea and stunning sunsets are breath-taking! Will definitely be visiting at some point.

N - New Zealand - Another place that I have wanted to visit from day one! It would be amazing to visit and see the amazing landscape and most importantly, the sheep. Definitely a great place to visit.

O - Oslo - I visited Oslo last Christmas and went to all the Christmas markets (was such a good trip!), and it was such a lovely city. I hope to go back to Oslo, and maybe travel round the rest of the country, as it is supposed to be a great place to see the northern lights. When I went to Oslo, you could see them faintly from the top floor of our hotel, but it would be amazing to see them properly! 

P - Prague - I keep asking Alex to come here with me (I'll wear him down eventually). Plus, it was somewhere that my Grandad always wanted to visit, so after hearing him speak of it so greatly, I always aspired to go.

Q - Quebec - Canada is somewhere that I would love to visit and travel around! Starting from the province of Quebec, to touring round the Rockies, I would love to see it all! However, I do know how big Canada is and that this would probably take multiple trips, but a girl can dream!

R - Rome - I visited here when I was younger, and I don't think I appreciated what a great city it is. Therefore, I would love to visit again, and visit all the historic sites, such as the Colosseum and the Pantheon.

S - Santorini - The blue and white architecture that is all over the island is just so beautiful, as well as the stunning views! Plus, it's such a romantic place, so I will probably drag Alex here with me at some point!

T - Thailand - One of my best friends from university is visiting Thailand right now, and she keeps sending me pictures of how amazing it is, and I am so jealous! Therefore, I am definitely going to be visiting here at some point!

U - UK - I know that this sounds daft as I do love in the UK, but I really want to see more of what it has to offer! For example, I haven't been to places such as Bristol or Brighton, so will definitely be taking day trips to these places when I am back in Birmingham and more central.

V - Vienna - Austria's capital city is supposed to have amazing Christmas markets, so I would definitely love to visit here near that time! However, the flights from my local airports always depart near my birthday, which is unfortunately when my deadlines are due *sad face*, so I will have to wait until university is over to visit here.

W - Warsaw - As you can tell, I really want to visit a lot of European capitals! Poland is somewhere that I have wanted to visit due to its history, so will definitely be visiting here when I can.

X - Xianyang - Right, not going to lie, I had to look this one up because I could not think of a place beginning with X... However ,I would love to visit China and see all the sites, as I find the culture incredibly interesting! 

Y - York - Whether it be the City of York in the UK or New York, I love to visit both! I have only been to New York once, so would love to go back and see what else that amazing city has to offer! Plus, I live near the City of York, and it is one of my favourite places.

Z - Zante - There is a common theme of Greek islands, but, as you can tell, I really want to visit! Another party place that I would love to visit, as I have heard many a good thing!

So that's my A-Z of places that I would love to visit! I really hope you enjoyed it, and I apologise for the sheer length of this post, but I hope that you stuck around until the end! Plus, I am going to save up this next year so that I can travel Europe with my friends next summer, so I am really looking forward to that!

Where do you want to visit? I'd love to know in the comments! And if you would like to write a post like this, then definitely leave a link below and I'll go and check it out! 

Much love amigos, 

Grace x

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  1. So many of these places I would absolutely love to go to! You have to go to Amsterdam, it is such a beautiful place! Also the next place I want to go to is Rome! Loved this post!

    Whitney xoxo | Whitney Loren.

    1. Thank you so much! Aw I'd honestly love to go to Amsterdam, hopefully I will be able to go soon :) good choice, Rome is beautiful! I'd love to go back! X

  2. I would love to see so many of these places! Prague, Rome, Vienna... I would love to travel around Europe for a summer, I think it would be fab!

    1. You should definitely do it, it's saving up which is the difficult part for me, haha, student problems :) X


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