Friday, 1 July 2016

Day out to Saltburn Beach

Hey guys, 

So yesterday I went to my local seaside town of Saltburn. I've been visiting it here since I was very young, and it is honestly one of my favourite places (although the weather can be incredibly rainy, but that's the north for you!) This was because me and my boyfriend decided that it would be fun to have a day out, so he obviously had to take on the role of photographer, although the pictures of the landscape are my own!

Seeing as though I haven't posted on my blog for a while, I thought that I would write about my day spent here, as I love writing these kind of posts, and it's a cute little intro to summer for my blog! 

Firstly, we went for fish and chips (classic, really!), and I was going to take a picture but ended up getting so hungry that I ate them before I could (oops, sorry guys). However, I did manage to take cute little photos up and down the pier for you!

I wore a Ralph Lauren v-neck top that I bought a couple of years back (otherwise I would link it for you), my Topshop black Joni jeans, which I basically live in, a bomber jacket which is also from Topshop and my trusty ol' Converse! My sunglasses are from Fat Face, but I got them last year so I don't think that they sell them anymore! I am literally the worst person for buying sunglasses because I do not suit glasses at all, so when I find a pair that actually fit my tiny head (I swear I'm not in proportion) then I hold onto them for as long as I can!

Plus, how cute are these little knitted objects!! I'm in love with them all! They are dotted all along the pier and it's really cool to go along and see everyone's cool designs!

Yorkshire tea and biscuits

Sheep with Berty Bassett's Liquorice Allsorts

We also stopped off at mini golf, and Alex normally beats me at anything sport-related, but I actually beat him on a couple of holes! Quite proud it's fair to say... (and yes I know it doesn't count as a sport, but I'm still quite proud!!)

We then stopped off at the arcade and played ice hockey (I won again, this never happens!) and won a couple of tickets to exchange for prizes. We obviously exchanged them for sweets, haha! After wandering up and down the pier and along the beach front, we decided to get an ice cream and head home! 

Also, we missed the train by a second, as it literally pulled out of the station as we stepped foot onto the platform, which is just our luck! Anyway, it was a lovely day and I will definitely be visiting again when the weather starts to get a bit better. (Hoping a praying for this! Come on mother nature, you know you want to...)

Where are you favourite places to visit in your area? Where are you going to visit in summer? I'd love to know in the comments! I hope you liked this post, and hope to see you all again soon.

Much love, 

Grace x

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